Networked Narratives

An interactive introduction to the story of the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria

By: Godswill Ezeonyeka & Abhiram Thiruthummal

About #EndSARS

#EndSARS is an activism movement that demands the end of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). This unit of the NPF is notorious for profiling, harassing and committing all sorts of brutality against Nigerians. It was started in 2017 on twitter under the hashtag - #EndSARS - among other variations. The movement did not pick up steam until 3rd October 2020 after the killing of a young man went viral on Twitter leading to public outrage. From the 7th of October till the 20th of October 2020, protests were held internationally by Nigerians. These were shared on social media with the hashtag. This website is a compilation of some posts from 117 activists who participated. They were categorized and represented in a network that shows how the narratives they created on social media is all linked together. If you are yet to, please click on a node to see the posts made by each activist.

Click the nodes in the network to view posts. Clicking a node will highlight the nodes connected to it.